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a bird sitting on top of a piece of wood
Assemblages — Shirley Vauvelle
several potted plants and seashells sit on shelves in front of a wall
20 Fabulous Beach-Worthy Projects to Create from Seashells
there is a white frame with an angel in the center and seashells around it
there is a painting on the table that depicts a shell being lifted by two rocks
three seashells are hanging on a blue wooden sign that is hung on the wall
a wooden frame with sea shells and seashells on it
two pieces of art made out of wood with shells and seashells on them
a wooden plaque with blue and white glass flowers on it, hanging from a rope
a wall hanging with seashells on it in the shape of a number six
Sea Glass Hunting on the Outer Banks
Christmas, Kunst, Bloemen, Fun
a heart shaped sculpture hanging on the side of a brick wall with shells attached to it
several different types of sea shells arranged in rows on a white surface with black dots
Cuadros con caracoles | Casa de campo | Seashell crafts, Seashell art, Beach crafts