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Make your own custom workout tank this weekend— it’s easy! Perfect idea for All those give away t shirts!

t-shirt to tank tutorial!

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18 Maneras de convertir tu ropa vieja en prendas de envidia

18 Maneras de convertir tu ropa vieja en prendas de envidia

Find an old, oversized t-shirt. Trace your chosen shape with a sharpie. We cropped the front of the shirt and added a flattering, low back. Cut along the lines with a good pair of fabric sheers, try the shirt on and make any desired alterations!

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Dale otro aire a tu ropa de siempre

Pijama bebe origami

How to cut shirts! I have no idea why I'm pinning this, I would NEVER cut my own clothes. I will MAKE something new before I will cut into existing clothing.

[La camiseta de los hombres transforma en un corto bata! ] Camiseta de la tela se ve delgado, pero en libertad de cortar hecho, la tela no será puentes. El secreto era el cuello del abrigo delgado para grandes marcas europeas y americanas, cuello camiseta modelos femeninos más grandes de lo normal. Así, en su propia transformación de bricolaje, y no te olvides de poner un collar camiseta de cortar un gran círculo.

cut up shirts; But instead of tying, I'd just cut it short so it's a half shirt. Good idea for those hot summer days when you need the thin tank top but the covered upper abdomen.

Cómo convertir tu camiseta en una blusa de tirantes

Sew Circuit tried this tank not too long ago! DIY workout tank - I love the loose fitted tank tops from Under Armour, but they can get expensive. This is a good way to recycle old t-shirts and get new running gear at the same time :)