pincha needle

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a cactus in a pot with a bow on it's head, drawn by hand
Ilustración de contorno de cactus
Acuarela cactus olla ornamentado silueta
three potted cacti in different colors and shapes on a white paper background
Cactus marker doodles
Punch Needle Class — Hello Hydrangea
This BRAND NEW class is all about how to punch needle. Learn everything you need to know with a 62 page ebook. 10 videos, a supply list, 18 techniques, 4 ways to turn your design into a project like a rug or a pillow, and 17 BONUS patterns to print out and use!
a pillow with crocheted flowers on it sitting on a white wooden floor next to balls of yarn
embroidered pillow
an embroidered pillow with multicolored circles and dots on the front, sitting on a white surface
colorful pillow :::