Chimarrão, não vivo sem ele.

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latinAventura: Le mate argentin (et la yerba mate)

Guayaki Yerba Mate Gourd Preparation Procedure Drawing

As the mate gourd is passed around, a sense of connection emerges. The first step of the ceremony is the preparation of the gourd. Typically, the cebador/a - mate server - prepares mate for a friend or a group of friends.

Yerba Mate

YERBA MATE: Contiene tres xantinas: cafeína, teobromina y teofilina, el…

Yerba Mate tea cup: Gourd and Bombilla

Read a step by step instructions on how to cure a mate gourd. Curing a mate gourd is recommended if you are drinking it from porous natural made materials.

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YERBA MATE GOURD AND STRAW | Of calabash gourds and silver straws—secrets of Mate vessels. (GNU ...

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Yerba mate

Empresa Argentina dedicada a la Yerba Mate y Arroz

Chimarrão - yerba mate brasilera.

Every culture has at least one unique libation that visitors must try.

Yerba Mate tea from South America.

7 Yerba Mate Benefits - Weight loss, Focus, Nutrients, Anti-Cancer & more!