shades of where the drummer has played or moved Drawing visual movement. Try having students take a small video of an activity. Clip a series of still shots, and create drawings that combine the various caught movements.

6 manualidades recicladas con latas

6 manualidades recicladas con latas

10 Uses For The Empty Formula Cans Sitting In Your Recycling Bin (fall crafts for kids googly eyes)

Pencil Drawing.

Twiggy Pencil Drawing Fine Art Portrait Vintage Glamour Beauty Fashion Swinging Sixties PRINT Hand Signed I love twiggy and wanted to look like her or Audrey Hepurn when I was a child. I love how the detail to line and shading made a very powerful image.


design Graphic design inspiration Exposition graphisme / Graphic Design Exhibition poster no matter what / sam soulek

Con botes de cocina se crearía un instrumento musical como un tambor. Se utilizaría papel charol para tapar la parte a descubierto y poliespan para hacer las baquetas.

Instruments musicals / Instrumentos musicales / Instrumentos musicais

Dry Marker Damsel Drawings  Chun Fui Ng Renders Fashionable Women with Faint Ink

Dry Marker Damsel Drawings