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a hand is holding an embroidered pouch with white flowers on it and other sewing supplies
Linen baby bonnet with embroidered fern. Linen bonnet. 100 % | Etsy
three masks with embroidered flowers on them sitting on the floor in front of a gray carpet
Este artículo no está disponible | Etsy
an embroidered face mask with flowers on it
Dónde conseguir barbijos de diseño (con valor agregado) para chicos y grandes
two white cloth face masks with flowers embroidered on the front and back, sitting on a wooden surface
Flower Hand Embroidery Cotton Fabric 3 Layers Face Mask with Filter Pocket
two yellow and white flowers are next to each other on a piece of cloth with crochet hooks
Embroidery face mask
a white cloth mask with embroidered flowers on it
coming soon!!
three face masks with flowers on them sitting in a wicker basket next to a potted plant
Handmade Arts & Crafts Shop by TyoneBag on Etsy
a face mask with daisies embroidered on the front and side, sitting on a bed