need to finish my current WIP`s tho :/ Knit Flowers.I can see great uses for this, the ends of a scarf of the base to a sweater hmmmm. the design wheels are turning. I've been looking for a pretty knitted flower! This pattern is perfect!

ПЕТЕЛЬКА К ПЕТЕЛЬКЕ. Вяжем трансформер | Наш дом

Вязаные шапочки, шарфы и снуды

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Endless Rainbow pattern by Martina Behm

Endless Rainbow pattern by Martina Behm

como hacer cellos con tu antiguo borrador

How to do Rubber Stamps! unfortunately the link says "page not found" but i am certain if i snoop well enough, I WILL find the original source post.

Self promotion on Behance

A beautifully done interactive magazine. This will be a cool OOH idea for a brand campaign. The interactive element definitely draws people attention and create actual interactions.

Miren lo que encontreeéeeee

Miren lo que encontreeéeeee

DIY pouch tutorial Part III (Bottom) by nimuae. This is what my friendship bracelet making was leading up to!