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an old children's book with pictures of people
a painting of a scooter with a globe on the back tire and words above it
Cuadros Vintage
two men playing instruments in front of a red door with the words new orleans on it
You'd be mad not to check out..
I am a big fan of framing illustrations of cities or countries in children's rooms. I can picture being a kid myself and dream about these d...
a man and woman sitting on a couch next to each other in front of an umbrella
Foro Naval 4
Vintage Cuban beer poster "Bacardi Cerveza Hatuey"
an old fashioned car with two people in it
Vintage Italian Posters ~ #illustrator #Italian #posters ~ FIAT’s first print advertising poster by Giovanni Battista Carpanetto with signature, Turin 1899
an advertisement for bitter campari with a woman on top of a giant orange tube
Just picked up this piece by Leonetto Cappiello. Love how he uses such bright and deep colors
an advertisement for motoring is shown in this poster, which features a man driving a car
Dettaglio Oggetto Digitale - Imprese
Martini & Rossi, manifesto pubblicitario, Torino 1895
an advertisement for the paris opera shows two women dressed in costumes and one man standing next to
LG 1917 Grands Magasins Dufayel Palais De La Nouveaute Blanc 110.5X154 Jombart
Montmartre, Grands Magasins Dufayel, Palais De La Nouveaute, department Store, 1917, Paris XVIII
an old book with blue and yellow designs on it
an advertisement for bicycle cycles featuring a woman on a bike with flowers in the basket
Bicycle poster
an advertisement for perrier wine with a glass
Vintage Advertising Posters
an old poster with the caption hemp worx why haven you tried it yet?
Vintage Advertising Posters