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some white flowers are in the grass and there is a moon behind them on a blue background
two pieces of bread with the words eros muy on them, and an image of
Note it idea ✨
a penguin holding a knife with spanish words on it's face and saying, te amo, ahora dio tu?
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an image of a teddy bear with the words berenas noches on it
buenas noches <3
a hot dog with ketchup and mustard on it's side next to a heart
uWu note it
Notitas q le envío a mi chikistrikis
Noteit ideas ig
a card with an image of a chicken holding a flower in it's hand
a drawing of a mushroom with the words te amo de agui alc a pastos de
te amo de aquí a la luna a pasitos de caracol <3
an image of the earth and stars with spanish words on it that say, la lunaa
a tree with hearts on its trunk
a drawing of a slice of fruit with the words'aves mi de '
My boy..💕Matt