Bottle Cap Chime I

Kelli Nina Perkins: Bottle Cap Chime - love the bright, happy colors! Perhaps some bottle cap garland might be in my crafty to-do list now!

Florero con tapones

Plastic bottle cap crafts - I have tons of water bottle caps and need an purpose for them!

Bottle Cap Picture Frame- this would actually be cool if they were all straight and the thickness was the same all the way around

Although the heaviest hand made gift I made this year, I was some what satisfied with this recycled picture frame. Skill level: Sup.

Silla de tapones. Vìa

A colorful Capped Out Chair made from hundreds of recycled bottle caps! Benjamin Rollins Caldwell created the playful upcycled chair with .

Sustentator// Reutilizar botellas, envases, latas y corchos

plastic bottle vehicles-imaginarium week for crafts! Create something out of recycled materials