Lovely, fresh spring pastel color palette! #beachdecor

Pastel Sunset Ocean Rainbow --- another one where the right would need to be cropped prior to use, but it certainly is a lovely image! (It would also work well as a background)

'Beautiful spring ' - 36" X 30" Original Abstract Art Painting.

'Beautiful Spring ' - 36

Green ABSTRACT PAINTING print fine art print por SarinaDiakosArt

Aqua Blue Green Coastal ABSTRACT PAINTING, fine art print modern painting, large original abstract painting, abstract giclee PRINT on canvas

'Beautiful Spring ' - 36" X 30" Original Art.

'Beautiful Spring ' - 36

'Beautiful spring ' is a hand-made painting, created with acrylic paints on high-quality canvas. Painting is coated with high-gloss varnish to protect it f

Inspired by the warm and delicate hues of sunrise ~ deep rose pinks, silvery minted greens and azure, turquoise and cobalt blues…these serene and calming colours add a welcoming warmth to your surroundings. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TITLE: Lumiere MEDIUM: Giclée print on paper

If you enjoy the abstract paintings of Lola Donoghue, I’ve come across a similar artist you may also love. Like Donoghue, Sarina Diakos paints vibrant abstract canvases that make serious stat…

Make Believe-PrintsSarina Diakos

Make Believe-PrintsSarina Diakos

Este gran Resumen pintura grabado es una reproducción del Poster de mi pintura abstracta original de Awakenings #4. Esta pintura presenta sentimientos de calma y serenidad en su entorno con rosa en cada sombra, rubí profundo y fucsia al melón caliente, coral y el rubor rosa pálido!

Original abstract acrylic painting by Sarina Diakos, hot pink, green, grey, turquoise "Awakenings