amazing ceramic designs for the art and minimalist contemporary home blue and white forever [ pottery by Hudson based Paula Greif - by

DIY: clay jewelry dishes

Make DIY Trinket Dishes with Tropical Leaves

Tazón de cerámica decorativ cerámica Bowl por monalisapottery

Turquoise Decorativ Ceramic Bowl - Handmade Bowl - Pottery Bowl - Jewellery Holder


Space to Create: ceramicist Vanessa Holle aka Vanessa Bean

Como decorar macetas Más

By mixing your two favorite hobbies, gardening with crafting, you have this wonderfully creative project for a painted pot herb garden. Tackle this easy project this summer then use these colorful pieces as functional outdoor decorations.

Cuencos de sandía sirviendo Set

Watermelon Bowls Serving Set

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Black and white bowls

Black and white bowls by Priscilla Mouritzen (woodfirer) I think I'll use this with the pinch pot project in the fall. I think I have a bunch of black engobe. The kids need to pay more attention to surface right from the start.


quiet clementine // contrast between bright block colour and pattern // continuity through the same splatter pattern on the whole dish //