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three seagulls are standing on the edge of a cliff by some water and grass
The Birds Are Back In Town-Puffin's
This photo was taken today at 'Bempton Cliff's', this place has almost 200,000 birds living on its white cliffs between the months of april-august, Gannets,Guillemots,Razorbills,Puffins and more are arriving daily, this morning i got there at 4.30am, got myself in place just before dawn, i'd climbed down onto a ledge so i'd be as level as i could to the puffins, the background i could do nothing with as this is one of the cliff's that make up this coast line, these birds are really beautiful...
a colorful bird standing on the ground
Mandarin | Jonathan
El pato mandarín (Aix galericulata) es una especie de ave anseriforme de vivos colores de la familia Anatidae oriunda de China, Japón y Siberia que ha sido introducida en diversos puntos de Europa y que es muy apreciada por su belleza, por lo que se la tiene en numerosos parques de todo el mundo.
two ducks standing next to each other in the water
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Watching & Feeding Mallard ducks ♥ In our yard every single day.....
a group of ducks sitting next to each other on top of grass
mi mañana brumosa
a colorful bird perched on top of a tree branch in the water surrounded by leaves
Gratitud por vivir
Photo: The Mandarin Duck, truly distinctive ... More awesome pics: Hyades
a mother duck and her baby are swimming in the water with their reflection on the surface
Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist With a Twist
Patos magníficos!
two ducks are touching each other's beaks with the words, i spend with you become the next best day of my life
three ducks standing on top of a rock next to the water with their beaks open
Black Bellied Whistling Duck flock (Dendrocygna autumnalis) Central and South America
a bird sitting on top of a dry grass field
King Eider -
Eider real (Somateria spectabilis). Es un ave anseriforme de la familia Anatidae. Es propio del Ártico y no se reconocen subespecies.
two ducks standing on rocks in the water
Harlequin Duck
three colorful birds sitting on top of a tree branch
EyeKandy Handmade Jewelry
two Mandarin Ducks
a colorful bird is standing in the water
METALCO Architectural Fence, Security Fence, Railings, Gates
Canard mandarin - Mandarin Duck - Pato Mandarín - Anatra mandarina - Mandarinente ( Aix galericulata )
a colorful bird with feathers on it's head
Color animal - Imágenes
Mandarin Duck!