Juan Chavetta

Zárate, Argentina, 1970
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two polar bears sitting next to each other in the rain and one has an umbrella on his head
Juan chavetta
Juan Chavetta, Rey de Espada Mixed Media, Mixed Media Collage, Outsider Art, Tumblr, Kurt Schwitters, Surreal Scenes, Paper Book, Book Journal, Tarot Cards
Carnet Imaginaire
Juan Chavetta, Rey de Espada
Juan Chavetta #Arte#Cortázar - @pipetroni - Arte Cortázar Golf, Batman, The Galaxy, Art Journaling, Aliens, Art Journal, Pet, Human, Drawings
tengo pelo de esponja
Juan Chavetta #Arte#Cortázar - @pipetroni - Arte Cortázar
an altered photograph of a man flying through the air with newspaper in his hand and trees around him
Juan Chavetta. Argentina
a painting of a man in a forest
Juan Chavetta | Ilustradores Argentinos | La Ilustración Argentina Destacada
Juan Chavetta. Argentina