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ARTIST-FOR-HIRE! I paint windows all over Somerville/Cambridge/Boston. Let me know if you'd like your windows done:
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a window with an image of a black cat on it's side and leaves painted on the glass
Black cat window painting, Union Square Veterinary Clinic.
a glass window with a dog in the fall leaves
Boston terrier window painting, Union Square Veterinary Clinic.
a pet store with plants in front of it and the sign for pets plus on the window
Cambridge location, Petsi Pies on Cambridge Street, Fall window.
an outside view of a restaurant with a sign for pie on the sidewalk in front of it
Petsi Pies Somerville Fall window painting.
a window with some stickers on it in front of a yellow wall and building
Fall window @petsipies in Somrville.
an image of a cat painted on the window
Dogs & Cats Christmas Window at Union Square Veterinary Clinic
Union Square Veterinary Office window painting, Somerville, MA
a window with a sticker of a monkey wearing a santa hat and holding a flower
First Christmas Window of the Season: Monkey Claus & the Missus
Christmas monkey @ Two Little Monkeys, Union Square, Somerville, MA mandeeblogs: window paintings
a window with a snowman painted on it
The Snowman Family window painting
Happy 1st Birthday Snowbaby! mandeeblogs: The Snowman Family window painting
two snowmen with hats and scarfs on display in front of a glass window
The Snowman Family window painting
mandeeblogs: The Snowman Family window painting
a store front window with the words grillo's pickles painted on it
Nothing to see here, just a pickle turkey in Jordans.
Thanksgiving window at Grillo's Pickles.
there is a window with a cartoon monkey on it
The Monkeys are ready for Halloween!!
The monkeys are all dressed up for Halloween! Halloween window at Two Little Monkeys.
there is a store front with many items in the window and on the side of the building
New September Window Painting at Two Little Monkeys
September is apple picking season in New England! Apple picking window at Two Little Monkeys in Somerville, MA, 2013
two little monkeys window display on the side of a building
Two Little Monkeys Window Painting
Summer window at Two Little Monkeys Children's Consignment Shop, Somerville, MA, 2013
a store front window with the words grilllos pickles on it
Putting the "Grill" in Grillo's
Summer window at Grillos Pickles. Earth's only* Pickle Store located in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA. *I made that up.
there are two windows painted with pictures of cats
Hay Girl! New Fall Window at River Dog!
Fall window at River Dog Doggy DayCare in Somerville, MA, 2013.
a storefront with the words grilles and pickles painted on it's windows
Pickles are Spooky
Halloween window at Grillos Pickles, 2013.
an image of a window with swans on the windowsill and bridge in the background
Boston Public Garden window painting by me, mandee rae. mandeeblogs
there is a window with a monkey painted on the glass and it has a blue ribbon in front of it
two little monkeys window painting by mandeeblogs
four men sitting on chairs in front of a window with the word boston painted on it
Boston Strong window I painted at BIDMC, Boston with 5 players from the Boston Red Sox. mandeeblogs
there is a sign in the window for pet supplies
Window I painted for River Dog Daycare in Somerville, MA. mandeeblogs
a restaurant with signs on the side of it
Grillo's Pickles window painting. Cambridge, MA mandeeblogs
a storefront with the words grilllos pickles written in green on it's glass
storefront I painted at Grillo's Pickles in Cambridge, MA. mandeeblogs