Malvina Yummy

Malvina Yummy

Todo se vale en la guerra y el amor.
Malvina Yummy
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Green Parka

This color + dreads

Outspoken Blue Denim Cutoff Studs Swag Short by Le Happy

What I’d Wear : The Outfit Database (source : Le Happy )

Grunge fashion

The perfect grunge outfit. I wanty


Monochrome love // Black high waist denim shorts, white crop tee and leather jacket, rocker without looking to costumy

Lovely hair... And there's no thigh gap! Lua Perez - awesome blogger -

Luanna Perez rock n roll outfit. Biker jacket, The Smiths tee, denim cut-ouffs.

Jace, 16, lone wolfblood, he traveled into town due to trouble in his last hometown, his parents kicked him out due to not following the rules but truely he is a very good listener, he just hated how his parents treated him, smart, kindhearted, protective and wild at heart (me)

Weston from Torn / Broken Runaway

Francisco lachowsky

Francisco Lachowski - 22 yrs old (b. May model, husband, father - still looks the image of a YA protagonist to me.

fc: francisco lachowski ] "ey, i'm alex hall. 19, single, kind of a player." i shrug. "whatever... come say hi if you'd like."

fc: francisco lachowski ] "ey, i'm alex hall. single, kind of a player." i shrug.

Tú eres perfección ♡

Erickson Gracchi --- Prince (future councilman) *manipulate elements-earth, wind, water, fire* FAMILY: Son of King Dristan Gracchi and Queen Sadirah Gracchi, Brother of Princess Meaghan Gracchi and Princess Caitalin Gracchi

Capitulo 14

I'd like to wake up next to Francisco Lachowski every morning of my life