diferentes tipos de bordados

разные виды вышивки

Create designs w/ rope or fabric scraps and secure with thread. How clever w/ uniquely beautiful results! (Apparently, this is called couching, and is shown using t-shirt scraps on monk cloth.

Felt mandala with hand painting: pattern and tutorial in Russian with many photos. Google Translate works great! She did the painting with tube acrylic paints in small cones like you would use for frosting decorations.

Felt mandala with hand painting: pattern and tutorial / Создаем яркую мандалу из фетра: по ссылке есть шаблоны I would like to use embroidery thread to form the lines instead of painting on.

pajaritos en tela y fieltro

Pajaritos En Tela Y Fieltro

Felt Crafts, Argentina, Tassels, Felt Birds, Garlands, Felting, Key Chain, Felt, Hands

Lindos broches de fieltro

Make with a loop on the back- could slide a necklace chain through or slip it on to a plastic headband beautiful design ideas for felt folk art flower embellishments and jewellery

borlas decorativas de fibrana estampada

Borlas Decorativas De Fibrana Estampada

Bohemian Decor, Boho Chic, Bunting, Sewing Crafts, Diy Gifts, Tassels, Fiber, Fabric Jewelry, Lemon

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