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Paisleys and others. I can see this as embroidery, a cookie design, patches on a cute tote bag, limitless ideas with this.


I'd like to copy the floral burst on the curtains onto a pillow and finish it in crewel.

Buena idea para bordar lupinos

Blue and White Grape Hyacinths by Kirsten's Fabric Art, Loopy french knots, glass beads, couching, embroidery.


paisley birds - this a machine embr. that you can buy. I like that is has the paisley being birds, and birds on the paisley. I wonder if i can make my own paisley birds?

kit bordado mexicano bags

Kit Bordado Mexicano Bags

Niña con flor

Ambers World Redwork embroidery design set individual design Ambers World Redwork 10 product view page.


Hungarian Folk Designs for Embroiderers and Craftsmen (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) [Paperback]