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Cuando otras personas se averguenzan de fangirlear

Kai, Suho and Chen bursting into laughter when Tao calmly said 'Thank You' at the end of his free-style rap XD

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Is is wrong that I expected someone to add pics of Kris, Luhan, & Tao for The Lost Planet and then something like "photo not found" for Kris & Luhan in the Exoluxion section and/or a pic of Tao crying? <<<< I was expecting the same thing

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Mira lo feliz que Tao se pone cuando Luhan devuelve el abrazo, como oh , Dios mío , no puedo .... TAO Qué lindo eres, físicamente duele!

EXO Showtime Look at how happy Tao gets when Luhan returns the hug