Healthy, low carb zucchini lasagna recipe! Yummy!

Awesome Paleo Lasagna

detox  infused water recipes

detox & infused water recipes - let it sit for hours and it will taste like juice! (I like to add mine to my recycled Voss water bottles because they can hold a lot of water & fruit, and they're glass so I can wash them in the dishwasher!

Easy Homemade Mounds

Homemade Chocolate Coconut Bounty Bars ~ Only 3 ingredients. (shredded Coconut, sweetened condensed milk, and milk chocolate baking chocolate)

Baked Vegetable Egg Rolls-- i love egg rolls!

Baked Vegetable Egg Rolls - a healthy way to enjoy these delicious Chinese appetizers. I love egg rolls, but can never eat one without feeling SO guilty. This recipe looks great, and can be so versatile: add shrimp, chicken, tofu.

Facturas muy fáciles y económicas

Facturas muy fáciles y económicas

Pan Dulce, Empanadas, Los 90, Leche, Pastels, Tortilla, Vodka, Cheese Cakes, Me Gustas