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Coffee Packaging Details
Various Illustrations 2017-2018 on Behance

DG2 - TP2 - Identidad de producto

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an article in the magazine about food fight with illustrations of people eating apples and drinking water
several different types of brochures are displayed together
āpice - The 1975
an image of a page layout for a magazine or brochure with different pages
a person holding an open book with numbers on it and the number 01 in black
Communication in Context
an array of black and white images with the words article on them, all in different styles
an open book with red and white pages on it, in front of a beige background
an image of a brochure with red and white colors on it, including the front page
Company Project Proposal Vol. 5
Company Project Proposal Vol. 5 by creotimes | GraphicRiver