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a woman in a yellow top running on a track with her hands up and smiling
World indoor champion Oromo athlete Genzebe Dibaba clocked 14:18.86 to beat previous record by more than five seconds at XL Galan meeting. Netherland’s European 1500m champion Oromo athlete Sifan Hassan clocked a world-leading indoor personal best of 4:00.46 to win the women’s race. http://www.siitube.com/the-oromo-genzebe-dibaba-smashes-5000m-indoor-world-record-xl-galan-2015_de5e3e754.html http://www.iaaf.org/news/report/genzebe-dibaba-sets-world-indoor-5000m-record
a woman is running on a track in a race suit with numbers painted on her chest
Maryam Yusuf Jamal - Wikipedia
Jamal was born in the Arsi Zone in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, an area famous for distance runners, including Haile Gebreselassie, Kenenisa Bekele and Tirunesh Dibaba. She is Muslim, and is of Oromo background. Also at the 2012 Olympics, runner Maryam Yusuf Jamal of Bahrain became the first Gulf female athlete to win a medal when she won a bronze for her showing in the 1,500m race.
a woman in a green and white top on a track with her hand up to her mouth
Olympic and world champion, Oromo athlete Tirunesh Dibaba (Xirunash Dibaabaa).BEAUTIFUL!!! Tirunesh Dibaba wins the women's 5000m in 14:42.01 at the Eugene Diamond League, Saturday 1st June, 2013. World Lead and season best performance. Happy birthday to the queen of distance running as she turns 28 today!
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a woman running down the street in front of a group of people watching her run
The winner of Dubai and Houston Marathon, Oromo's' Mamitu Daska is unquestionably the current queen of the Bolder Boulder's elite women's 10K race. The Oromian won her fourth title on 26th may 2014 well ahead of the rest of the field, finishing in 32 minutes, 21.63 seconds. She also won in 2009, 2010 and 2012 and was the runner-up in 2011.
a woman in a red and yellow dress standing with her hands on her hips, looking at the camera
Black Women Rocking Their Natural Hair - Fashion (5) - Nigeria
Black Women Rocking Their Natural Hair - Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics (4) - Nairaland
some people are holding flags in the street
Oromo youths (Qeerroo) on the final day of Olympic 2012 in Central London celebrating the achievments of Oromo athletes such as Tiki Galana (Xiiqii Galaanaa) who won the women marathon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljVdNeHmbTY=share
a woman running down a street in a marathon
Oromo athlete Fatima Roba. The first black/ African Woman to win Marathon. http://www.oromiasports.com/athletics.html
three women standing next to each other in front of a flag and some people on the sidelines
Oromo athletes the Dibaaba sisters.World Champions and Olympians
a woman running in a marathon with other people on the side of the road behind her
OROMO ATHLETE GENZEBE DIBABA RUNS SECOND-FASTEST 5KM IN HISTORY AT CARLSBAD 5000, MARCH 29, 2015. Oromian compatriots Gelete Burka and Wude Ayalew win 2nd and 3rd places. Oromo. Oromia. Africa. http://www.iaaf.org/news/report/carlsbad-5000-2015-genzebe-dibaba-lalang
a woman is jumping in the air with her arms up as she runs on a track
Oromo athlete as she won the women’s 10000 meters race in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. http://www.oromiasports.com/athletics.html
a woman in a yellow and green shirt holding a tennis racquet
Injfannoo atleetota Oromoo (Almaaz & Ganzabe). Oromo women Athletes Almaz Ayana & Genzebe Dibaba win (1st & 2nd) African Athletics championship 2014 in 5000m, Morocco. Janet Kisa of Kenya 3rd. http://ayyaantuu.com/sport/almaz-ayana-surprises-genzebe-dibaba-at-african-athletics-championship-in-morocco/ Oromia & Kenya/ East Africa
Nubia and Oromia Brownie: Spending an evening with Oromo http://oromianeconomist.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/nubia-and-oromia/ Oromo Culture, History Of Ethiopia, All About Africa, Ethiopian Wedding, Women Gathering, Form Of Government, Unity In Diversity, Cultural Diversity
Nubia and Oromia Brownie: Spending an evening with Oromo http://oromianeconomist.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/nubia-and-oromia/
a woman in a colorful dress is standing on a white fence and posing for the camera
Oromo lady; Oromiyaa, East Africa