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Identity Crisis blanket Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Noro Stole - *Inspiration* or you can buy the pattern through the attached link. It looks like you would just ch a ch row as long as you want the stole to be. You need to end up with a dc row that has a number of stitches that is a multiple of 6 + 3. You will dc the first row to the end, ch 4 (counts as first tr), turn, tr in first 2 dc, *ch 3, sk next 3 dc, tr in next 3 dc* repeat from * to * across. 3rd row and ea odd number row will be all dc (dc in ea tr and 3 dc in ch 3). Use a thick…

Noro Stole - *Inspiration* or you can buy the pattern through the attached link…

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кофта сетка крючком - Crocheting Journal Take this pattern to figure out how to make the x pattern going up the Middle or the sleeves

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Dallin Chase Steward Crocheted Top This hand-crocheted cotton top features a crew neck and scalloped edges. * long, measured from shoulder.


Blusa Branca de Crochet easy to do.two rectangles pieced together like a poncho leave opening for head, sew sides!