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No Washing Up Ham, Egg & Cheese Bread Bowls

Ham, Egg & Cheese Bread Bowls Not a single pan or utensil to be washed! Great for feeding an army and you can make ahead. maybe use turkey bacon and feta cheese

Delicioso pastel de jamón cocido rápido y con pocos ingredientes. Vamos a necesitar: Pan de molde 5 huevos 3 tomates 600 gr. jamón cocido o paleta cocida 150 gr. mantequilla 200 ml. leche queso para gratinar sal y pimienta. Pre-calentamos el horno a 180º. Retiramos la corteza del pan de molde y aplicamos una fina ... ver más >>>

Delicious cake baked ham and fast with few ingredients . We will need: Sliced ​​bread 5 eggs 3 tomatoes 600 gr. cooked ham or palette 150 gr. butter 200 ml . milk cheese gratin salt and pepper.

Una deliciosa opción para una cena.

Baked Egg Boats~ small baguettes filled with bacon, egg and green onion goodness. Would try this with vegan cheese and bacon and egg substitute 😄

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich.....totally ate this for dinner last night but with turkey...we didnt have any bacon..very sad

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Hallacas El Rincon de La Abuela Venezolana: TORTA TRES LECHES

Tarta-tres-lechetarta de las tres leches s, Torta-tres-leches, postres-venezolanos

Bizcocho de Naranja y Jengibre Fresco: Puedes encontrarlo en

Bizcocho de Naranja y Jengibre Fresco

Bizcocho de Naranja y Jengibre Fresco: Puedes encontrarlo en

Turrón de avena

Turrón de avena

3 Licuados para empezar bien el día

Almonds, cooked oatmeal, bananas and yogurt meet up in your blender for a power breakfast. Drink this Banana Oatmeal Smoothie before your morning exercise routine and you’ll have the energy you need to get through your workout.

Helado de café con solo 4 ingredientes y que no necesita máquina de helados…

Helado de café sin máquina

Como hacer bizcochitos con sólo 2 ingredientes

Como hacer bizcochitos con sólo 2 ingredientes

Pan Dulce, Anna Olson, Sin Gluten, Tortilla, French Loaf, Bread Baking, Pan Bread, Bread Cake, Butter Pecan Cookies


Helado sencillo de plátano

Tiramisú, con la receta de Donato De Santis - Blogs

Tiramisú, con la receta de Donato De Santis

Save time in the morning, prepare porridge without cooking the day before!  In a Mason jar, pour: - 2/3 cup of oatmeal - 1/2 cup milk 1 - 1/2 cup of yogurt (any flavor) - 1 tbsp of seeds of chia seeds (optional) - 1/2 tsp of honey or maple syrup (optional, especially if your yogurt is not sweet) - 1/2 cup of fruit close the lid and place in the fridge overnight. Mix and enjoy, or bring directly to work...

41 Cosas fácil de hacer con frascos

Overnight No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal ~ Mix together old-fashioned rolled oats, greek yogurt, milk, chia seeds, and sweetener or fruit. Shake and refridgerate. It’ll stay good for up to two days.