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Magdalena Ruiz

Magdalena Ruiz
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Siempre pensamos que necesitamos una cocina enorme, pero te vamos a demostrar que nada más lejos de la realidad.

Small Kitchen Island with Stools - Kitchen Island has become the trend in kitchen design today because they can provide a lot of functionality to your kitchen. You can see a variety of kitchen designs islands in any home improvement or home design.


Greater Than or Less Than Flipstrips Greater Than/Less Than Flipstrips 1 are a math activity. In this activity students complete each flipstrip with a "greater than," "less than," or "equal" sign when comparing two numbers.

Treballar de manera molt visual el concepte "mes gran que"...

Shark Attack Greater Than, Less Than. This is a great way to introduce the concept of ‘greater than, less than’ to your children. When it comes to children understanding numbers, comparing numbers (Diy School Numbers)