Wine wall. use of wasted space.

a Wine wall, Great use of wasted space. Of course, if I was designing a dream home it wouldn't have wasted space, but. you get the idea.

32 cocinas pequeñas pero repletas de encanto

Decoracion de cocinas pequeñas

Black iron support from square shelf above to table thru to floor. No shinty silver- black pipe or painted/metal stools and mid size fridge also needed i layout

Each verse of 1 Corinthians 13

Take each line from the verse and put on wood disks like this and hang each one in order on the rows of chairs as you walk towards to this idea from my favorite verse 1 Corinthians

cocina abierta con barra americana

Smolenka “Oak Tube’’ Apartment / Peter Kostelov

This reminds me a lot of a studio project I did in school. Wood and white. Love that horizontal grain. Oak Tube Apartment by Peter Kostelov

Denver -

Another idea for split countertop where you want to limit the height difference between the two surfaces.

Resultado de imagen para islas de cocina minimalistas

Poggenpohl connecting space and uniting the activities of cooking, relaxing and living.