Spiders in Australia

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Spiders in Australia

Golden Orb Weaver spider eating a Chestnut-breasted Mannikin finch. I always wanted to go to Australia...not so much anymore.


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Hmmm. Sounds familiar! Lol When a male golden orb-weaver spider Nephila pilipes wants to get busy, he pulls out a special trick: He gives his mate a "back rub," new research shows.

Male Spiders Give "Back Rubs" to Seduce Their Mates

When a male Nephila pilipes wants to get busy without getting eaten, he gives his mate a massage, new research shows.

Mirror Spider! Photo by Nicky Bay. the “silver-plates” on the abdomen seems to shrink when the spider is agitated (or perhaps threatened), revealing the actual abdomen. At rest, the silver plates expand and the spaces between the plates close up to become an almost uniform reflective surface. The shiny, reflective patches on this spider’s abdomen may be produced by guanine crystals, which can be a source of structural color in arthropods. Also commonly referred to as a “sequined” spider.

The wonderful arthopods of Nicky Bay

Professor Ceiling Cat has a lot of writing to do today, so, barring any unexpected contributions from Greg or Matthew, it will be a Show-and-Tell Day. I’ve featured the photos of Singapore ph…

Jumping Spider spp., Queensland, Australia. Everything is more gorgeous in the tropics!

Jumping Spider

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19 Reasons Why Arachnophobes Should Give Australia A Miss

Scared of spiders? Maybe score Australia off your bucket list.

Frighteningly Beautiful Shots of Australian Peacock Spider 10

Frighteningly Beautiful Shots of Australian Peacock Spider

Even though the fear of spiders is the most common specific phobia worldwide, the photos of Jurgen Otto, a Sydney-based scientist, is a good way to rehabilitate the image of these creatures. His biggest interest lies in the tiny 5-milimeter Peacock Spider, which got its name because of vibrantly colored flaps.

The 13 Scariest Australian Animals. I don't get why these guys are on the list, and Drop Bears are not. ;)

The 13 Scariest Australian Animals

Australia is a land of deadly creatures that seem to take obscene joy in killing you — and not just Queenslanders hunting down anyone who’s brown. No, the entire ecosystem seems specifically designed to kill, what with the horrible desert, deadly animals, annoying insects, and constant worry of drop bear attack. These 13 animals are …

Giant and scary spiders in Australia where they eat snakes. Never going to Australia lol.

Giant and scary spiders in Australia where they eat snakes

Crap, after these pictures, I don't think I am gonna go to Australia.

The Red Back Spider...The closest cousin to the Black Widow...I actually kept one as a pet during my stay over in Australia that I named 'Thelma', kept her all safe in a little jar and set her free at the end of my journey...she was so awesome!

The Top 10 Most Venomous Spiders

10. Yellow Sac Spider These spiders are usually pale in color with an abdomen that varies from yellow to beige. The size of these spiders ranges from 5-10 mm...

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The Many Types of Spiders in Australia

Information on the many types of spiders in Australia.