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Mhuni, Udamai of Strategists and Ritual Combat. Lawful Neutral.

Rosie Cusswell - PF Second Darkness

Dwarven Princess by BobKehl on DeviantArt The goal for me was to make a Dwarven woman who is both strong and beautiful. Don't let her fool you... she will smash you with a ... Dwarven Princess

Faerun: Under Darkened Skies

Meet the players..

The Dungeon Master: I am Dustin Baker, a music loving, game loving, psych undergrad with a penchant for fantasy gaming. This will be my 22nd year playing the game of Dungeons and Dragons, with the vast majority of my time in the DM chair. When I began, my best friends older sister had gone out and bought an introductory boxed set for 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons. My best friend, his two sisters and mom all joined in the fun of running through the pre-made dungeon with pre-created…

Kings of the realm

Character for Kings of the realm:,

Another ANGRY dwarf from Embermark. #EoE #fantasy #rpg

Game Dev Update | 10.13.16

Game Dev Update | 10.13.16 Yes, the fun part! Actually, the whole thing is, but this part is particularly fun, because so much is coming together at the same time, from design to art to engineering....