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Targeting the “under butt” 😂💁🏼‍♀️ that nice lifted appearance is a combination of your glutes.
AND hamstrings so you want to be training both! Here are a few examples of exercises you can do for those muscles 🤗 . 1️⃣SDL’s with a pulse (go deep to really feel the stretch in your hamstring if possible) 2️⃣Cable SDL’s (slow and controlled).
a white boat floating on top of blue water
Creta - Islas del Egeo | Grecia
two boats in the clear blue water near some buildings and hills with white balconies
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Image about photography in . T R O P I C A L . by . V A L Y R I A N .
the family tree is shown with pictures and words on it, as well as an arrow
Curso de Fotografía Gratuito – Manuales y Cursos de Fotografía Profesional
coração de fotos Mai
a large group of penguins standing on top of a rocky beach next to snow covered mountains
Ingo Arndt: un fotógrafo protector de la fauna
Población de pingüinos en La Patagonia Argentina. More
four flamingos are standing in the clear water on a beach with lounge chairs and palm trees
Why the Caribbean's ABC Islands are the Perfect Summer Escape
fue un viaje divertido
five starfishs are lined up on the beach in shallow water near an island
Airbnb | Alquileres vacacionales, cabañas, casas en la playa y mucho más
Playa Paraíso, Cuba Más
three flamingos are standing in shallow water near the beach, while people sit on lounge chairs
O QUE FAZER EM ARUBA: Roteiro e Dicas de Viagem
O que fazer em Aruba: dicas e roteiro de lua de mel de 5 dias nessa famosa ilha do Caribe
two boats in the clear blue water near an island with palm trees and people on it
Reise journal
Von Bogotá an die Karibikküste: Rundreise durchs Backpacker-Paradies KOLUMBIEN - 32
the water is crystal blue and clear at this beach
Fernando de Noronha: natureza - Revista Sagarana
Praias do Bode e da Quixabinha- Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco - BRASIL
the beach is covered in red sand and cactus plants near the water's edge
Praia do Morro Branco
Praia do Morro Branco in Beberibe, CE | Brazil
a wooden walkway leading to the beach
Arraial do Cabo -RJ
a lake surrounded by mountains with a bridge going across it and snow capped mountains in the background
Patagonia, Argentina
a river running through a valley surrounded by mountains
Rio Mendoza. #Argentina
there is a boat on the shore of this lake
Rota dos Sete Lagos - De Bariloche a San Martin de los Andes
Lago Hermoso - Rota dos Sete Lagos - Bariloche a San Martín de los Andes - Argentina.
LAS GRUTAS (RÍO NEGRO) Los Angeles, Outdoor, Places, Country, Rio
Listas de 20minutos - listas creadas por los usuarios de nuestro periódico
an aerial view of the beach and city
Mar del Plata, la bella
mar del plata, argentina