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a poster with words and pictures on it that say, prepositions of time
Learning English grammar, vocabulary, conversation, free on-line PDF - Learning basic English free online
Learning how to use prepositions of time in on at. This grammar lesson also shows examples of how to use in a sentence. please follow us on Facebook
a poster with some words on it that say please to the people in this house
Phrasal Verbs around the House Welcome! Say hello to the world. Tell us about yourself! RECENT GUEST POSTS Prepositions of Time ...Read More Animal Idioms in English ...Read More Fun and different ways to wish people ‘happy birthday’ in English Fun and different ways to wish people 'happy birthday' in English ...Read More Alternative …
a child standing on the floor with letters in front of them and an image of a rainbow hop letter sounds game
Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Game
Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Alphabet Game. Practice letter sounds with this fun literacy learning activity!
a bulletin board with some writing on it and a flower made out of crayons
Classroom Doors - Be All You Can... (Picture Heavy Post)
Beginning of the school year art project! Looks like the one I made with the Kinders
the fingerprint bee craft is made with bees and honeycombs on top of it
Bubble Wrap Painting & Printing Art Projects
Bubble Wrap Painting & Printing Art Projects - Crafty Morning