tabla de pruebas guardar como         ❥Teresa Restegui ❥

i know its in spanish but its a good chart to know and it can always be translated

Crochet Russian Symbols ❥ 4U hilariafina

Вязание крючком

Chart for decoding crochet stitches on diagrams. In Russian, I think, but usually translatable.

VESTIDO TEJIDO LILA PARA NIÑA - gancho fácil y rápido - Tejiendo con LAU...

how to crochet this beautiful baby dress. Crochet Dress features shells and posts stitches, lacy edge created using the solomons knot.

Basic crochet instructions to read diagrams ♥LCF♥ page 2 of 2

Basic crochet instructions, that will hopefully get you started in mastering the stitch!

¿Querés Aprender a Tejer? - Yo te Explicó!

¿Querés Aprender a Tejer? - Yo te Explicó!

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