50 Hand Drawn Vector Pattern Brushes Vol. 01


Applique sheep pattern which could be used as a template for a rug, or for punch thread on a jumper hem.

Crear mandalas nunca fue tan fácil como usar pattern brush desde el Illustrator. Si le mueves a este genial programa de Adobe o sabes de alguien...

Geniales pattern brush para crear mandalas

50 Hand Drawn Vector Pattern Brushes Vol. 03 by nubephoto 50 Hand Drawn Vector Pattern Brushes Volume 03 Set of 50 abstract, tribal and floral pattern brushes, which were all hand drawn w

Let's create this Soil and Stars doodle art. 3. Use the Box Fill pattern between the curved lines. 4. Below the curve, use Psycho Lines. Watch the tutorial here: 5. Add ...

“Soil and Stars” Doodle Art Prompt & Tutorial

Como Doodle dibujar como los profesionales por ChubbyMermaid

How to Doodle Draw like the Pros Learn Step by by ChubbyMermaid. Could use as designs for henna

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