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a red shirt and black pants are shown
red black grey belt skirt socks shoes sticker by @mojo-973
a face mask with sunflowers, hearts and stars on black fabric covering it
a black and white checkered coat with a belt
roupas gacha - abby
an orange and black hooded jacket with the hood pulled up to show it's side
two blonde and black wigs with different colored hair clips on top of each other
Гача лайф
a drawing of a woman's head with blue hair and braids on it
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a drawing of a cat's head with long hair
Cabello realista
Este edit fue el primer cabello realista q hize
an anime eye with blue eyes and long eyelashes
Ojos de gacha editados UwU | Нарисовать губы, Розовый эскиз, Рисовать глаза
two eyes with black and white eyelashes
gacha gachalife eye eyes 303929992090211 by @moon_night18
two eyes with black and white designs on them
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a woman's head with long hair in the shape of a pony tail, on a white background