Lujan Orellana

Lujan Orellana

Lujan Orellana
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braid wrap and kinks

Twisted Hair with Messy Ponytail, small braid♡Beauty and makeup products available from Posh Beautique, our store brings international makeup brands right to your doorstep

Uno de mis favoritos de pelo tutoriales es el Doble Trenzado de Cola de caballo. Se ve como un intrincado de la trenza, pero en realidad es dos trenzas en uno. Me puse a pensar, aunque, lo que si era sólo una trenza? Que es donde esta trenza de vino. Parece un cuatro strand braid …

One of my favorite hair tutorials is the Double Braided Ponytail. It looks like such an intricate braid but is actually two braids in one. It got me thinking though, what if it was just one braid? That’s where this braid came from.

Prom is right around the corner, which means soon enough you will be hanging with your friends in fancy party dresses, taking pictures, and having the ~time of your life~. There are so many things to think about when it comes to prom that it might be easy for you to forget about important things, like which hairstyle you are going to wear. Okay, it’s not the MOST important thing, but you want to wear your hair will make you feel good and look good!

Picking a prom hairstyle is hard, especially if you don't have a lot of time. Take a look at these easy and cute prom hair looks you can do in minutes .