Square Spiral Crochet Pattern.  I kept finding it in French, but this is it in English!

Crochet between worlds: Pattern: Solid Spiral Granny Square (translated from Patty Crochète) crochet four colors square

Crochet on fabric?

inspiration only; i can't tell if this is crocheted into/ontop of the fabric or just attached. From Alma Chita's favorite photos and videos. There is a load of other beautiful crocheted crafts posted here.

como tejer mandalas al crochet patrones - Buscar con Google

Summer is trying to speed along but let us put out some speed bumps to slow it down :-) Okay, today is Monday and I found the perfect project for old CDs. I have a few and I was always wondering wh.


Crochet flower tree bag-- I wouldn't make it exactly the same, but I think this idea is cute