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an open case with some books on it and a label that says aspen leave designs
a knife that is laying on top of some kind of metal object in the shape of a fish
two metal combs sitting next to each other
two pink combs with white teeth are on a ruler
Dentures Hair Combs
a metal butterfly with multicolored beads hanging from it's back end on a white wall
100+ κατασκευές απο μεταλλικά καπάκια αναψυκτικών
Wire Jewellery, Vintage Jewellery Crafts, Jewelery, Vintage Jewellery, Jewel
from Color Me Red
two pink phones sitting next to each other in front of a bookcase with magazines
a green and yellow cassette player laying on the floor next to a white carpeted wall
big mood, primafeuille:  Giant Stag Beetle backpack Punk, Tas Kulit, Gq, All Games, Bagger, Kleding, My Style, Meme
big mood, primafeuille: Giant Stag Beetle backpack
a hand holding a small ceramic clock with red lips and eyebrows on it's face
a glass bowl sitting on top of a moss covered ground
Movie Film Strip Reel Resin Bangle Bracelet. For sale here:
the earrings are made out of strips of paper
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35MM Film Earrings Upcycled Jewelry Film Reel Earrings Repurposed Film Reel Recycled Movie Film Reel Dangle Earrings Upcycled Jewelry Movie. $9.00, via Etsy.
Jewellery Making, Jewels
Reusing old film slides / strips / rolls / canisters
pair of tortoise shell earrings on wooden table with gold earwires and wire
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Girls On Film Earrings Naming Your Business, People Brand, Moon Design, Love Signs, Indie Brands, Emerging Brands, Shop Trends
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Girls On Film Earrings
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with tags attached to it's sides
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