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a person holding up a card with the letter k made out of paper flowers and leaves
Lembrancinha Dia das Mães: ideias para surpreende-la!
three different pictures of an animal with teeth
Note Board
the hands are holding different colored papers
Propuesta 3 Un libro que tiene un nivel alto de interacción con el lector, permitiéndole no solo leerlo si no tambien realizar otras actividades con el.
a card with an image of two cartoon characters hanging from it's sides on a shelf
DIY Home
Rapunzel Paper art by Alberto Trujillo
three different images of umbrellas in the water
Paper Cut Illustrations of Lakshmi and Sri by Dana Sanmar... - a grouped images picture
Paper Cut Illustrations of Lakshmi and Sri by Dana Sanmar
the process of cutting paper with scissors is shown
the process to make an origami pop art project is shown in several different ways
Muster digital magazine cover, made on papercrafts an animated by stop motion for the ipad digital version , the concept was about the intrusion on nowadays graphic design in Spain. Have a look on the different imagery an options develop for the cover.