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Dolphins are marine mammals closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost forty species of dolphin in 17 genera. This Is The Sweetest Picture!

Cachorro de pantera negra.

I ❤ baby big cats . A young black panther prowled in the grass at Tierpark Zoo in Berlin Tuesday. Female black panther cubs named Larisa and Sipura were born on April (Maya Hitij/Associated Press). /What a cutie EL.

Las turtugas Americanas so muy grandes, son animales salvajes.

Green Sea Turtle, Red Sea Photograph by Dmitry Marchenko, Your Shot This Month in Photo of the Day: Nature and Weather Photos Gaze of a green turtle. Taken November

63 increibles fotos animales salvajes - Imagui

Animal of the day: a harp seal pup, Pagophilus groenlandicus; their beautiful coats have been the subject of a controversial hunt for decades, which supplies their pelts to the fur trade.

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The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest of all big cats. Less than tigers exist in the wild today. At one time, there were 9 subspecies. Three subspecies are now extinct.