dandelion stitches--love the way they "blow" across- would make a great book cover

Dandelion Stitches pillow by JPateDesigns on Etsy. "I think to most people, dandelion seeds symbolize dreams and youthfulness. That's definitely what I had in mind when creating this pillow." (information from Etsy listing)

bordados a mano

bordados a mano could trymake throw with felt

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Caitlin abenson - flowers

Vancouver-based artist Caitlin Benson (of Cinder & Honey) embroiders vintage-inspired flowers that will last a lifetime. Before reaching for her embroidery hoop, the designer always starts with a sketch on paper, which undergoes several revisions before B

Nani Bordado a Mano - Trabajos de alumnas

(Nani Bordado a Mano - Trabajos de alumnas) See B&W Pattern. I can not find the Original Source for this Image.

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