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Typography Burger - The products are depicted typographically with expressions relating to their great taste. Creative Director: Shin Oh Agency: Interone Client: Burger King Location: Germany

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Anthony - A Mitsubishi print, this advertisement provides a visual take on the rather cliche metaphor 'built like a rhino'. It may be literal in this advert but does well in its purpose to convey the metaphor.

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Less drama. Area View Volkswagen: Shows the environment even from above.

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a fab creative visual . I'm sure this haven't happened to anyone, or has it?

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Season’s greeting poster from ad agency, Publicis Singapore. The pencil is embossed with “Every good idea begins with a pencil.

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Singer and actress Natalia Oreiro joins forces with UNICEF to promote breastfeeding Natalia Oreiro, UNICEF Ambassador for Argentina and Uruguay, took her first public photo with her son, Merlín, to.

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Love the world with grease, and the peace/pizza campaign. APRIL 2011 GOLD PRINT WINNER Pizza & Love: Fight for the last slice Pizza & Love We make pizza not global warming organic ingredients Advertising Agency: Contrapunto, Barcelona, Spain