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a collage of an image of a woman in a dress made out of fabric
a piece of art that looks like it has many keys on it
an art piece is hanging on the wall with beads and other things around it,
Upcycled 3D Wall Art Steampunk Decor Assemblage Collage Found Object Art Mixed Media Assemblage Boho Art Conversation Piece - Etsy
an altered tag with a dragonfly on it
Dimension for Mixed Media Monthly
Astrid's Artistic Efforts: Dimension for Mixed Media Monthly
a blue tag with a butterfly on it
Let's do distress - with blue!
a card with a bug on it and some twine spools next to it
Grunge It Up
Simon Says: Grunge It Up - Simon Monday Challenge Blog
a close up of a clock on top of a table with other items around it
Just For Fun
a card with an image of a sailboat on the water and other things attached to it
Adventure - Farrel Tailor
a piece of art that looks like it is made out of paper and fabric with buttons
Summer Voyage
Sizzling Summer Sea Shore
an altered photo with gold, blue and green colors on it's back side
Live. Laugh. Love.
Live. Laugh. Love.
a card with two butterflies on it and the words live, cherth, dream
A Tag
a tag with a butterfly on it
Day 4 Distress Crayon Layered Coloring
a card with an orange flower on it and some other things in the back ground
Indigoblu tag