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Cute and Functional Schedule Cards For Your Classroom!
Create the ultimate visual schedule display with these schedule cards! They are editable, include the time, and are also super cute!
a classroom desk with the words 7 steps for your classroom setup on it and an image of
Classroom Setup In 7 Easy Steps!
This is the holy grail to classroom set up! 7 steps to make sure you know how to set up your classroom without getting overwhelmed.
four posters with the words pastel rainbows in different languages and pictures on them
The Ultimate Schedule Cards For Your Classroom
Teachers - looking for visual schedule cards that are editable, have an option to show the time, and are also super cute? You found them!
Editable Schedule Cards For Your Classroom Schedule Display!
This editable visual schedule is exactly what you need for your students. • Clear words and pictures • Edit the text and images • Beautiful, simple design • Digital and analog clocks included Check out to find it!
a classroom with desks, chairs and a chalkboard on the wall that says how to set up a classroom 7 easy steps
How To Set Up A Classroom: The Ultimate Guide
Read the 7 steps to classroom setup without the stress and overwhelm! These are all the classroom set up ideas you need for moving into a new classroom.
the top ten genius ideas for classroom storage
Classroom Storage Solutions You Need to Try!
These classroom storage hacks are so helpful!! Click to read 10 genius classroom storage ideas.
the 7 steps to set up a classroom
The Best Guide For Setting Up A Classroom
All you need is these 7 classroom set up steps to help you make the classroom of your dreams! These steps will help you set up your classroom without getting stressed or overwhelmed.
the top ten genius classroom storage ideas for kids to use in their homes and school
10 Amazing Ideas For Classroom Storage
These classroom storage hacks are genius and so helpful! Click to read tips for classroom storage that will help your classroom organization throughout the school year.
classroom setup ideas that are genius
Classroom Setup Ideas You Need To Try
Calling all teachers who need to set up a new classroom! This is the ultimate guide for how to set up a classroom - 7 easy steps to help you with classroom setup this year!
kindness week activity ideas for your students
Kindness Week Activity Ideas You Need To Try
A kindness week is the best way to get student behavior back on track!! I love all of these great ideas for kindness week activities!
the children's books are on display in front of their art work and decorations
Examples of a Growth Mindset
I love these growth mindset quotes for kids! The power of yet really helps students understand the growth mindset activities we do together!!
two cards with the words you are loved on them next to some pom poms
Cute Classroom Decor For Elementary School
💛You Belong💛 I saw these prints all over Etsy, and I knew I had to have them for my classroom! I searched and searched, and finally found this one that matches my classroom colors perfectly! It is so important to me to make sure every student feels welcome and valued. We spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year building a community so that students can feel safe and heard.
a girl holding up a sign with numbers on it
Amazing Addition Chart Display!
These display numbers are so helpful for my first graders! Such great addition anchor chart and addition bulletin board to help practice number pairs, addition to 10, and fact fluency! #mathfactfluency #additiontable #Regram via