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Seated Stretching Routine via @SparkPeople

Add This Energizing Full-Body Stretch Routine to Your Workday

If you spend a lot of time sitting, especially at a desk or computer, this stretching routine is for you!

This is a good workout I'll refer back to when my ankles start giving me grief. I have a torn Achilles' tendon that I continue to recover from and I'm excited to find a good cardio workout that I can do without having to use my lower body.

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Exercises for Torn Ankle Ligaments

Exercises for Torn Ankle Ligaments |

You can do certain exercises to strengthen your ankle ligaments after an injury. These exercises can help your ankle heal and prevent problems in the future.

A Diet for a Torn Ligament

A Diet for a Torn Ligament |

A torn ligament can be a debilitating injury that keeps you from enjoying your favorite activities for several weeks or months. Recovering from a torn ligament requires patience and diligence to properly support your healing tissue while avoiding further damage.

Vitamin B-12 for Torn Ligaments


Muscles and ligaments provide support for your skeleton, and the function of these tissues is essential for proper posture, physical activity and locomotion. Muscle tissue and ligaments contain specialized molecules that provide the tissues with strength, as well as allow for proper muscle contraction. Some essential vitamins obtained from your...

Home Remedies to Repair a Torn Ligament

Home Remedies to Repair a Torn Ligament

Torn ligaments are sprains that are injuries to the joint capsule or the bands of thick tissue that connects your bones together at the knee, the elbow, the wrist, fingers and ankles. The most common ligaments that are torn are in your fingers, ankles and knees, but you can tear any of the ...

Pineapple Enzymes for Healing Torn Ligaments and Bones
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Torn ligaments and bone injuries are painful occurrences that can interfere with your ability to perform daily tasks as well as exercise and participate in sports. The goal of treatment for a ligament or bone injury is to reduce pain and promote proper healing. A pineapple enzyme -- known as bromelain -- may be able to help promote the healing of...