El tejido es con dos agujas, pero las imágenes dan una buena idea para hacer un bolero con un rectángulo. Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. actually this can be done knitting, crochet, material as it is just a rectangle sewn to make sleeves!

Motif pattern for sweater ~k8~

Free Crochet Pattern and Instructions for Anthropology Pullover - Picture Based (Crochet patterns)

Hello darlings… So…the famous and beloved Anthropology pullover… :) I am not a fan of creating patterns without a chart , especially when it comes to famous brands that employ cheap labor

De las Bolivianas tejidos artesanales. Sacos tejidos colores de moda.

DE LAS BOLIVIANAS TEJIDOS ARTESANALES: Color y alegría en cada prenda

Blanco calado a palillo

RESERVED FOR Darlene White shrug loose knit white Eco cotton loose weave hand knit shrug last one in this shade

DIY: Cómo hacer un chaleco con un rectángulo de tela

DIY: Cómo hacer un chaleco con un rectángulo de tela

Remove the hat and the belt; Sub with a couture lampshade hat and smaller colored belt to match/compliment the hat.

RED shrug / red sweater / Eco Fairtrade Cotton Loose por ileaiye

RED shrug sweater Eco Fairtrade Cotton Loose weave by ileaiye, love the shrug

Punto de la parte superior poco algodón poncho trigo por MaxMelody

Hand knit Little cotton poncho Wheat sweater top scarf-ready

Start download free written pattern in PDF from here

Pop Over Crochet Poncho - the Pattern & Tutorial

Looking at a poncho in a store, I figured that it was just a big rectangle attached to a small rectangle. "Hey, I could make this at home," ...

Universal Poncho Pattern (my brain works the way the first commenter's does -- could use two identical rectangles, each wrapping over one shoulder, joining end-to-side)