fiestas patrias

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a black and blue banner with white birds on it that says celebrate la liberdad es honnar la patria
a card with blue and white paper on it that has some ribbons tied to it
20 de junio
a piece of paper taped to the side of a blue and white card with words written on it
Manualidades del Día de la Bandera Argentina: adornos, souvenirs y banderas | Información imágenes
a blue sign hanging from the side of a wall with white and blue decorations on it
Cartelera día de la bandera
an image of a church with the words viva la independenciacia
the poster for an event in argentina
the flyer for an event with doves in front of a building and blue ribbon
9 de julio interactive activity
an image of a church with doves and music notes in the background that says 9 de jurio
a poster with an image of two people standing next to each other and the words in spanish
Poesía "El paseo"
someone is making a blue paper fan with glue
Tutorial. Rosetones, Abanicos de papel | Tutorial... Hecho en casa 💓 Dale Compartir. | By Englobarte - Escuela de arte en globosFacebook
Englobarte - Escuela de arte en globos - Tutorial. Rosetones, Abanicos de papel
Difficulty: Easy Tools • Papel • Pegamento • Tijera • Estrellitas doradas o glitter (brillantina) • Gancho para prendedor
an advertisement with the words in different languages