Decoupage Furniture

I love the stool with the vintage flower patterns. A bit of mod podge, a picture of the flowers, and some kind of transluscent crackle paint could immitate the look, I'm sure.

Created by Sulamita Machado @Fazendo as malas para viajar as malas para viajar Fita: Mesa de Cabeceira. She says its easy: paint piece white, then use mod podge to adhere strips of printed napkins. Wow.

Mesa de Cabeceira este Protocolo foi garimpada Entre aquelas Que seriam descartadas Porción terem ficado anos Presentación del numa varanda ao tempo.

Shabby Chic Stool

Iron Table Hand Painted ROSES-vintage roses, hand painted roses, Joanne Coletti, romantic rose paintings// This table is one I saw & was going to pin & lost it as I deleted it by mistake, LOL.

Gorgeous!  This table has been lightly sanded, much still left with the white and enjoyed all the "scraps" that could harmonize with the theme of flowers / butterflies.

deixei grande Instancia de instancia de parte ainda com sin cor branca e aproveitei todos os "sobras" que poderiam Sí daño .