Perfect kitchen: large windows, large sink, natural colors

Tutu Look at this rustic kitchen with the farmhouse sink-wood cabinets-lots of light and really simple-no upper cabinets just a few open shelves-really like it how bout you? My kind of kitchen w lots of light


The lure of the Underground, by Alfred Leete, 1927 - Poster Art London Underground's Greatest Designs. A major exhibition at London Transport Museum opening on 15 February 2013 in celebration of anniversary of the Underground.


The Tate Gallery By Tube; by David Booth of the agency Fine White Line, More recent posters are still remembered fondly by London commuters. ‘The Tate Gallery By Tube’ poster was commissioned for Art on the Underground, a poster-commissioning initia


“'Brightest London' Is Best Reached By Underground", - Illustration Art by Horace Taylor (b. 1881 - d. English) ~ London Underground Poster by: "London Transport Museum © Transport for London".


Speed Underground Poster by Alan Rogers. “ London Transport used posters to advertise the tube in the interwar period using a wide range of artists to capture the excitement of tube travel. This one by Alan Rogers evokes the speed and accuracy.

Please stand on the right of the escalator, by Fougasse, 1944 London Transport Museum. For those of you not from British, the "L" does not stand for "left" but rather "learner".