Store Lawn Tools With a Pallet!

Lawn tool storage using a pallet - step by step directions. Frugal, quick, and easy DIY! Great for organizing your garage or tool shed!

Cocina de leñas

Imagenes Fail [Megapost]

Cocina de leñas - Looks to be a welded Rocket Stove with a cleanout.

PUERTA ASADOR mesa de campo, que contrarresta su robustez con las livianas sillas de hierro modernas (Mercado de Pulgas). Las lámparas colgantes, ultra delicadas, tienen esqueleto de hierro óxido, y también se compraron via Internet.

Nice outdoor space, I expect the green board covers a hatch into the house for serving.

Porta leñas

9 Super Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks

Outdoor Firewood Rack on top left to sit in the AC unit area by the compost corner on a large paver.

barbacoa uruguaya con bisagra que baja/sube parrilla. perfecta.

A Uruguayan Grill Kit, sits on a masonry firebox or brick lined table. Makes awesome grills meats and vegetables with Latin American flair!

Firewood Holder with wheels 19.5"W x 55"H x 21"Deep

Industrial Log Holder by High Falls Mercantile - December Picks - place for kindling wood

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