Actually, I choose it because it's really beautiful! Hot Air Balloon over Lavender Field, We can change it into "hot air ballon over grape field". Hot air balloon i really iconic and resemble to bubble.

Labios grandes con pearcing pintura de arcoiris

Esta artista del maquillaje transforma los labios en verdaderas obras de arte y escenas de películas

Rainbow Glitter lip 🌈 Base for the glitter: 'Anna Nicole, Blue Velvet, I'm Royalty'

18 Frases de Amor para tu Boda

18 Frases de Amor para tu Boda Hermosas y Románticas

Te toqué y se detuvo mi vida. TRANS: "I touched you and my life stood still" by Pablo Neruda


COLOR ❤ LILA + LAVANDA ♡ there was a box of candy hearts, that were quite content living in their candy box. But there was one adventurous heart wanted to escape the confines of his candy box, so he bid his family farewell.

¿Cómo puede ser esto real?

Incredible Fairy Wire Sculptures Turn Any Backyard Into A Magical Garden.

10 palabras sobre el amor que no existen fuera de su propio idioma y nombran experiencias únicas

Loving life, loving the happy things, loving the sad moments . love is only that we need.

Wishes Fairy

Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculptures by Robin Wight, zoiets in je tuin laat je wegdromen

BB Love

Such an iconic photo. Steve McQueen & Faye Dunaway from "The Thomas Crown Affair" ~ 1968 Inspiration by

Loosestrife Field, Troy, New Jersey

Purple Loosestrife, Troy Meadows, New Jersey. Who knew New Jersey actually had pretty things?

Coming soon...MAC 2016

MAC X CHRIS CHANG OF POESIA COLLECTION FOR soon in Chris Chang of Poesia puts an acid-soaked twist on her modern M·A·C collection, featuring a vivid kaleidoscope of cutting-edge colour, inspired by the ancient Chinese art form Kunqu.


Lip art Details: I first line my lips with Black Berry lip liner from and set it using Pandora's Box loose pigment from Drama Queen

Resultado de imagen para photography love tumblr

Here’s a soulful love poem by Lata, in Different Truths. One day I may not be there to embrace you in my arms, That day you will fight with the winds that took away your warmth. One day I may not b…