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a flock of ducks standing next to each other
Find fresh, local duck eggs nearby at...
Looking to switch things up? 🦆🥚🌱⁠ Try trading out your hen eggs with duck eggs next time you take to the kitchen! Larger and richer due to containing more albumen, they make incredibly fluffy cakes and pastries! Duck eggs also have more Omega-3 fatty acids -- great for cardiovascular health! " .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #countrylife #farmlife #farmtotable #countryliving #agriculture #farmer #organicfarming #ducks #duckeggs #eatlocal #shoplocal
asparagus sprouts are growing in the dirt on a sunny day,
National Asparagus Day
Today is National Asparagus Day! 💚 . Here's a list of a few farms that mention Asparagus on their Local Hens profile: 🌱Upright Ranch (Montague, CA): 🌱Beech Grove Farm (Seymour, TN): 🌱Rock Ridge Farm (Kansas City, KS): 🌱Winged Spur Farm (Remus, MI):
a large group of green leafy plants in the sun
What's your favorite farm fresh veggie? 🥬
What's your favorite farm fresh veggie? 🥬
several baskets filled with lots of oranges on top of each other in front of green leaves
Winter Seasonal Citrus from Your Local Farm
Winter = citrus! 🍊 Do you have a favorite Winter seasonal fruit? 😋
two jars with straws on top of them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
National Milk Day
Today's National Milk Day! 🥛 There's so many options out there - cow, goat, almond, raw, oat - which do you prefer? . PS - you can find farm fresh milk at a dairy near you on Local Hens! -
people toasting wine glasses over a table with candles and christmas lights in the background
Winter Candlelight Toast
Interested in attending a farm-to-table event? 🍽️ . 🔎 Find ones near you:
a close up of a turkey with red and white feathers
Gobble, gobble! 🦃 Who's excited for tomorrow? 🍽️ . 🛒 It might not be too late! - See if local farms near you still have fresh turkey available:
cranberries are being picked from a bin with a spoon in it and another bowl full of them
Fresh Cranberries
Cranberries - love 'em, or hate 'em? 🤔 . No matter how you feel about them, you can't deny that cranberry sauce is a holiday staple! 🦃 . 🛒 Get fresh, local ingredients for your holiday recipes:
onions are piled up and ready to be cooked
Who's excited for all the delicious upcoming holiday meals 🙋 . 🛒 Don't forget to stock up on fresh ingredients and #eatlocal this season:
the seeds have been roasted and are ready to be eaten
Pumpkin Seeds - Fall Snack
Do you like to roast your own pumpkin seeds? All you need is a little bit of salt, an oven, and leftover pumpkin seeds to make this crunchy treat! 🍂 . 🔎 Find local pumpkin patches near you:
two fried eggs in a frying pan next to bread and parsley on a table
Sunny side up eggs
❓ How do you cook your eggs? . . ☀️ Side note: look at that yolk 😍 - only fresh eggs seem to get that beautiful color! . . 🌱 Support a local farmer and find farm fresh eggs near you:
a pile of squash sitting next to each other
Spaghetti Squash
🎃 Fall is right around the corner - who's getting excited for all the delicious seasonal food? . . 🌱 Find farm fresh produce near you (link in bio):
a person holding carrots in their hand on the grass
Farm Fresh Carrots
🥕 What's your favorite recipe that uses carrots? We love carrot cake! 🍰 . . 🌱 Support a local farmer and find farm fresh produce near you: . . 📸 Yummy Photo Credits: @oliviapkramer
an orange slice sitting on top of coffee beans
Farm Fresh Coffee
❓ Light, Medium, or Dark Roast Coffee? . . ☕ Find farm fresh coffee beans near you:
some chicken wings are on a wooden plate
Chicken Wings
❓ What's the best chicken wing flavor? We can't decide! 🍗 . . 🌱 Support a local poultry farmer near you (link in bio):